Thursday, September 4, 2008

CMU preview

You know, the more I think about this preview the shorter it gets.

Here's the deal...the Dawgs should be able to do WHATEVER they want to do WHENEVER they want to do it on offense. The Chippewawas finished 367th in the nation on defense last year, giving up an average of 700 yards passing and 400 yards rushing per game (actual stats would require actual research, and this defense is not worth that me, I'm close enough). If the first team offense is as efficient this week as they were last week, look for at least 3-4 touchdowns before halftime.

On defense, it's a little different story. Dan LeFevour is a true threat on offense, and he does have multiple weapons. However, haven't we heard this story before? Wasn't Oklahoma State supposedly the best offense in the world last year? And Boise State two years before that? Why should this week be any different? I think the defense is a little ticked off after people are downgrading their performance last week...reports say the coaches have been working them overtime this week. Expect them to take that frustration out on the Chippewoos in a big way Saturday.

Also interesting is that Richt said that on defense we are studying the tapes of the Florida game last year to try and mimic the scheme and execution from that game. Remind did that one turn out?

Any excuse to post that...

Prediction? Dawgs 48, Chipppewatoosies 17.

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