Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts - full recap to come later

Well...that was better.

Random and scattered thoughts, five minutes after my first viewing....

Some SERIOUS forward momentum tonight, even though it definitely felt like Part I of the finale, which is basically what it is.

So...maybe we all jumped the gun a little on the whole "Ben Linus Redemption" story from Dr. Linus? I understand why he killed Widmore, but I was a little surprised to see him seemingly entirely on the side of Smokey.

Loved everything about the Sideways timeline tonight....even Ana Lucia!

I kept waiting for the Sawyer/Kate "awareness" to be brought on by the jail cell...you know how those two are in cages.

Rousseau cleans up nice!

Can we all agree now that Smokey=Smocke=Man in Black=Boy in Black? And also, that the light didn't "go out" when Smokey was born last week?

Wait...did Richard die? Or is he just knocked out somewhere? He can't be dead, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?

Still love Miles: "I was here 30 years before you...also known as last week". HEE!

I still have no clue what exactly Desmond is planning, but I'm not going to worry...we'll find out soon enough.

Jack is the new Protector...glad they didn't really drag that out once Jacob laid it out for them. Any arguments would have just been wasted time. But...I wonder if any of the other "candidates" are starting to worry about their survival chances, now that the Island no longer needs them? I know I'M worried.

Desmond is the "fail-safe"...that's fitting, huh? Turning the fail-safe is how he became "unstuck" in time in the first place.

So...Smocke is trying to destroy the Island. The first time we see the Sideways Timeline, the Island is at the bottom of the ocean. Did he succeed? Still don't know what I think about that, because I'm not really seeing any evidence in the Sideways timeline that things are all that much worse than they were before.

OK...that's all for now. I will try my best to get the recap up before the finale on Sunday. If not, I may just do this one combined with the finale, since this was obviously part one of a three parter (or 3.5 parter).

THIS was the show I fell in love with.



Brandon said...

Notice how Smocke's promise to leave the island to Ben has already changed to Smocke destroying the island.

Ultimately, I think Ben is trying to stay alive long enough to find some way to stop Smocke. He scammed Locke once and now he thinks he can do it again, but I'm sure Smoke is aware of this.

I hope that wasn't the end of Richard, such an abrupt way for a cool character to go. If he is gone, maybe a redeemed Ben can be Jack's representative.

Go Dawgs!

Peter said...

Ok, so I noticed some potential foreshadowing (or maybe it was just me thinking into it too much) after Jack decided to be the protector. The camera focus in on Hurley squarley saying, "I'm just glad it wasnt me". Anyone else catch that?

James Stephenson said...

Yes. But Garcia has already said he was not in the final scene. So I doubt that means he is going to be the protector.