Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts - full recap to come later

Ummmm.....wow. That was pretty intense. I discovered tonight that I can handle a lot of things, but one thing I most definitely can NOT handle is Hugo "Hurley" Reyes breaking down into grief-filled sobs.

R.I.P. Sayid Jarrah. I will always remember you for your wicked killer-breakdance moves, your incredibly horrible luck with women, and your amazing ability to look at a seemingly hopeless mess of wires and various electrical components and say, "Yes...I can fix that. Do you by chance have half a coconut and some string?"

R.I.P. Jin and Sun Kwon. Even though the end of your love story was botched something awful, your growth as a couple has been a joy to watch. Your daughter will miss you, and so will we. Here's hoping for a much happier ending in the Sideways timeline.

R.IP.....Frank Lapidus? Hope you got out of that sub, Chesty. If not, we will remember you for your mad piloting skillz, your obvious unrequited crush on Sun, and one of my favorite moments of the series so far: "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Well, I got at least one thing right this season...Smokey was definitely trying to get them all together in one place so that he could kill them all. I think he still can't leave, as long as there is a Candidate standing, and I think he's trying to kill them all before one of them can assume the "Jacob" role....but I think he's too late. Jack is The One.

I REALLY thought that Locke was going to remember everything when Jack echoed his line back to him: "I wish you believed me". It definitely triggered SOMETHING, but I was kind of hoping for more. Jack is getting closer and closer to putting it all together, and I think he just needs a "little push".

I will get into MUCH more (Sayid's redemption, Claire's continuing abandonment issues, Sideways John Locke's guilt trip, and much much more) when the full recap goes up in a few days.

In the meantime...has anybody seen a small Asian man, a little nervous looking dude with bug eyes, and a strikingly handsome guy rocking some serious guyliner?


Toon Dawg said...

Don't forget the HAWT Scottish man!

Scott said...

Well, at least we know where Des is...Richard, Ben, and Miles are apparently lost in the jungle somewhere.

Bernie said...

I usually leave the Lost commentary to you experts...but this episode bothered me immensely. After gathering some steam the last couple episodes, this one again felt forced, contrived to me.

Quite simply, Sun and Jin deserved better. And while Sayid's exit was dramatic and suited his character, his script this season has been very flat.

I remember being bored in Season 3 before the finale really drew me back in. "We have to go back Kate". I've come too far to give up by any means, but last night was a new low for me and Lost. I fear it is a precursor to what's in store...anti-climatic drama that's forced on viewers who've poured their time and effort into a great show.

Hope I'm wrong.

Bernie said...

Plus...they made Hurley cry. Damn them!

Scott said...

Bernie - totally understand where you are coming from, and I will be addressing some of that in the "full" recap, particularly my issues with how Jin and Sun have been handled over the last two full seasons.

I'm still trusting the writers, but I'm not a blind loyalist, either...there have been some BIG problems with this season, particularly when it comes to pacing.

James Stephenson said...

In a situation like this, where they had ran out of steam, they wanted to insure this thing is dead for sure. And to do that, they have to kill of major chars. It is a shame it had to be Sun and Jin. But it had to happen and I am sure they are not done with the murdering.

No one is safe. I mean the real shocker would be to lead us all to believe it is Jack. Have him die in the last 20 minutes of the finale and someone else assume to Jacobs position. I would not put it past them.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to take the "Jack" approach to this season and just go with the flow and believe it will all unfold before me/us...but with that said, it's seems we are viewing a whole new LOST here and "the end" story is leading the characters to much.