Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More LOST thoughts...

OK, I slept on are some (slightly) more coherent thoughts on last night's episode (still reserving the right to change my mind on rewatch):

Things we definitely learned:
- Who the Adam and Eve skeletons belong to

- Who that little boy is who Smocke keeps seeing in the jungle

- What Smocke means by wanting to go "home"

Things we sort of learned:
- How MIB became Smokey. We saw it happen, but I'm not sure exactly what we saw. Since Jacob found the actual body later, did the soul/spirit of MIB leave him, and that soul/spirit is manifested as Smokey?

- Why Jacob and MIB can't kill each other. We know the Mother made the rules...but how?

- The origin of the Frozen Donkey Wheel. That particular well got filled in, but obviously someone in the subsequent years finished the job (probably at MIB's command/suggestion/influence). I'm OK with not necessarily seeing who that was.

- How Richard Alpert lives forever. The Mother had Jacob drink from that wine "container" (not sure what that thing is called), and we can assume that is where his mortality came from since that's when he stopped aging. Remember, when Jacob and Richard had their conversation, Jacob had that container with him...I'm OK assuming that he had Richard drink whatever it was his Mother gave to him.

Things we saw that seemed to contradict something we "knew" already:
-When the skeletons were first discovered, Jack said they were around 40-50 years old, based on their clothing deterioration...turns out he was off by around 2000 years or so. Is that just because Jack's not as smart as he thinks he is, or do clothes deteriorate at a different rate of speed on the Island?

- Jacob told Richard that the Island was the cork that kept the evil in. But Mother said that the Island was protecting the "Source", and that the Source was a good thing. So...which is it?

Things I'm either more confused about now or feel like we should know a LOT more about after last night, based on the fact that this was supposed to be the episode that gave us the "answers" regarding the origin of Jacob/MIB, Island history, etc:

- What is The Source? Source of WHAT? And is it the same thing that is in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase?

I know the producers will probably pull out the old "midi-chlorian" spiel on this one, but come on...if you're telling me that this is what the Island is and always has been, and that all of these characters were ultimately brought here because of it, then we need a better explanation than that. Maybe it's still to come..

- How does the Mother's "rules" work? She just declares that they can't kill each other, and then they can't?

- Why can't the MIB leave the Island? More specifically, how or why does anything that we have seen Smocke do this season have any effect on these "rules"? We don't know any better now than we did last week how killing the Candidates will somehow release MIB from the Island.

- Along those same lines...why is it that Jacob CAN leave the Island, as we saw him do several times in the season 5 finale?

- I hate to keep coming back to Walt, but MIB was referred to multiple times as being "special"...the same way Walt was described so many times in the first two seasons. Is there a connection there?

- We know who the little boy is who has been running around the jungle...but why/how is Jacob now manifesting as a 13 year old version of himself, and why can only certain people see him?

- How is MIB walking around looking like John Locke? He didn't "possess" his body...we saw that body getting moldy on the beach, and now it is in the ground.

- What the $%&@& is MIB's NAME?!?!?

Thing I'm OK with that other people may not be:
- Where the Mother came from. I'm OK with assuming that her story is very similar to the one we just saw...she was either born there or brought there by whomever the "Protector of the Source" was at the time, and has been biding her time waiting on a replacement. I don't need to see who raised her, and then who raised that person, and who raised that person, etc, etc..

Other random questions running around in my head right now:

- Do the "rules" that govern Jacob and MIB apply to other people? Is that why Ben and Widmore can't kill each other?

- Are the Others stealing children because they don't want them to be infected by the evil people, the same way the Mother kept her little boys away from them?

- Do the infertility issues have anything to do with what happened at Jacob and MIB's birth?

- Was the Temple built over the water at the Source? When Jacob died, is that why the water turned dirty, because Jacob wasn't protecting the Source anymore? And is that why Sayid wasn't completely "infected"? you can see, my head is still spinning, but I am at least back to processing complete thoughts again. Feel free to jump in on the comments and either answer some of these questions (PLEASE!!! I'm BEGGING you!), or add to the list, and I will try to address those in the full recap.



Ally said...

"What is The Source? Source of WHAT? And is it the same thing that is in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase?"

Either great minds think alike or you stole the Marcellus line from my tweet last night lol.

Great write-up!

Scott said...

Must be our great minds...I turn off my Twitter feed during LOST!


Your ring is gorgeous, by the way...congratulations!

UpDawg said...

Obviously MIB is not Jacob's brother. Jacob's brother died. So, the battle we have seen throughout between Jacob and his "brother" has really been between Jacob and Smokey taking the form of Jacob's brother. Once Jacob was gone, Smoke Monster no longer needed to be his brother, so he took on the body of Locke, another dead dude on the island b/c that was the most advantageous to him. I think Smokey is evil personified who has been trapped on the island and the Source was keeping him/it trapped. When Jacob sent his brother down there, Smokey was released. Now, he has to be kept from leaving the island and wreaking havoc in the rest of the world. That's my take.

Bernie said...

Re: not knowing MIBs name. I really thought we were going to find that out last night. We kept getting to a moment that I thought it would happen and it was conveniently skirted.

And I was SURE the Mother was going to tell us in that scene where she speaks to him in the well. She leans in close to say goodbye...clutches his head lovingly...then bashes it against the stone!

Damn. We'll never know. Good questions again Scott. You always capture the ones I always have and then add a few more cogent ones as well.

Drewd said...

I'm still a little confused on what happened to Jacob's brother... I mean, he's dead or he isn't? We saw his body, but I thought the rules stated that Jacob can't kill his brother? Jacob threw him down into the water where he hit his head on a rock, presumably getting knocked out and then floated down the river into the light... Now we see the smoke monster’s birth… then we see Jacob’s brother’s body a little later. If the brother is actually dead, Jacob killed him. Cause and effect, right? If the rules are true, Jacob’s brother has to still be alive...

Melzie said...

I blogged my thoughts :) drop by and see if you agree with any of them LOL

Toon Dawg said...

Here are more questions:

Did the MiB/Christian really leave the Island when Jack saw him in the hospital? Or was that a hallucination?

In the time that MiB was knocked out, did IslandMom kill all the people, destroy the village, and fill in the well? By herself? Even if it *was* that time of the month, ain't no way she did all of that. ;) So did she turn into a Smoke Monster herself to cause all of that destruction? If so, that leads to more ?s and less answers.

Why do people on the West Coast read #lost on Twitter knowing full well people are watching and reacting to the current episode on the East Coast, and then complain about spoilers? :D

I guess IslandMom was right when she said asking questions just leads to more questions.

Brett D said...

I was thouroughly p*ssed at last night's episode. The more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that the ending of LOST is going to leave me unfullfilled and angry that I waited to see the ending.

I read somewhere that the writers had asked for an extra half hour in the series finale to wrap things up, then this "Alice In Wonderland" rabbit down a hole episode comes out and it makes me more and more convinced that these clowns have no idea how to end the show. I read a review of last weeks (or week before) episode and it basically made the point that there hasn't been alot this season that has tied in to the first 3 or 4 seasons of the show. I really hope that I am proven wrong and the next episode and series finale blow me away, I just think that there are too many questions that need to be answered for 3 1/2 hours of TV time.

Drew Williams said...

I think Jin and Sun are still alive. I also think Hurley will be the protector at the end of the season with Jack as the one trapped trying to get home.

Anonymous said...

I think updawg has it right. Jacobs brother is not SMOCKE> Black smoke took over his body afterwards. His brother saw someone take the form of their real mother before he died. Jacob/MIB conflict took place before... prob their mom and someone else. It will be passed on to Locke/Jack

Anonymous said...

Actually he stole the Marcellus Wallace thing from someone on the Lostpedia forum.

Stay classy.

Scott said...

I was just going to delete your comment, but I left it as a tribute to your douchery. You want to come on my blog and insult me, at least have the guts to not do it anonymously.

I have never even been on the lostpedia forums, although I do rely heavily on their transcripts when writing my recaps. I certainly wasn't trolling their boards at 2AM looking for material when that comment was posted, since I actually have a job that I have to get up in the morning for.

Trust me...I'm sure there were TONS of Pulp Fiction fans who made the exact same joke. How that makes me classless, I guess I will leave to the (anonymous) experts. I'm just a guy who blogs about stuff I like.

Idiots like you give the Interwebz a bad name. Since you decided not to leave your name, we'll just assign you one: Coward.

Stay gutless.

devildawg said...

funny how the main thing that bugged me was the Roman, latin-speaking mama giving her kiddo a Hebrew name. I'm sure there were better things to be bothered with, but that stuck.

So, did the light go out permanently when "brother" went down the hole? At first I thought so, and that perhaps it was now inside Smocke. But the high electromagnetism is still there, so I don't think so. much about that episode that bugged me... it almost seemed like different people wrote it from who wrote Ab Aeterno, not just in the quality, but in the content.

marktheshark said...

It's a wine decanter.

amanda young said...

Your absolutely right it is a wine decanter.. Amanda Vanderpool