Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Idol Thoughts - Top 2

Well, I promised I wouldn't blow this one off...but a combination of my continued disappointment in this season and a stomach bug that I will spare you the details of will keep it very short.

Bottom line...Crystal was easily the better performer last night, she won every round, she clearly had the best three performances of the night.

And she's not going to win.

Don't get me wrong...I like Lee. I see the appeal. I definitely think he has a very commercial voice and style, and I will likely be downloading his album if he does what I think he will be doing.

But Crystal proved (again) last night that she is READY, right now, to be a star. All three of her performances were spot on...she was in great voice, picked better songs, and most importantly she seemed to have a sense of "the moment". She knew this was maybe the most important night of her life and she WENT FOR IT. She performed with a passion and a drive that we haven't seen from her, at least not in a while.

And she's not going to win.

Last night's rankings:
1) Crystal - Up to the Mountain
2) Crystal - Black Velvet
3) Crystal - Me and Bobby McGee
4) Lee - The Boxer
5) Lee - Everybody Hurts
6) Lee - Beautiful Day (this was really...not good at all)

Prediction: I've been saying it for three seasons female will ever win this show again. Lee wins.

And that's has been proven in the past, you don't have to win this show in order to profit from it. Crystal will most definitely get a record deal out of this, and she'll have her chance.

Plus, she gets to say that she received the last ever Simon Cowell critique on American Idol. That's outstanding.

Sorry these recaps have been so lackluster the last half of this season...I wish I could have risen above the material, but this season was so bad it took all of my willpower just to make myself watch, much less recap. HUGE changes need to be made, or this show is on the way out.

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