Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts - full recap to come later

My initial, right-after-viewing thoughts...subject to change on re-watch.

- Add me to the list...I love Hugo, too.

- Even though I knew it was coming, I loved the moment when Hurley started remembering Libby.

- TOTALLY knew that Locke was going to throw Desmond down the well.

- I don't like that Ilana blew up...I hope that doesn't mean that we're not going to find out what she was doing in that hospital covered in bandages.

- That was the first time Jack has seen "resurrected" Locke, right? He didn't look like he'd seen a ghost...he looked like he'd seen the DEVIL.

- Okay, all you "checklist" fans...check the whispers off your list. We know what they are now, and I thought it was a very satisfying explanation. I never liked Michael, so I wish it would have come from somebody else, but I still like the explanation.

- So, if we assume that Sun is the "Kwon" candidate and not Jin (which I lean to, simply because of who her father is and the link between Widmore, Hanso, and Paik)...Locke now has all the candidates together.

- I still think the little boy in the jungle is Jacob...just not sure how that works.

- I know a lot of people are going to say that Desmond ran Locke over at the end because either A) Desmond was somehow "aware" of Locke throwing him down the well on the Island, and this was revenge, or; B) this is further evidence for those who believe that Sideways Locke is actually Smokey, and Desmond knows it.

I personally think that Desmond was trying to induce the awareness of the other timeline by giving Locke a near-death experience....and based on the look on Locke's face at the end, I think it worked.

Be back in the next few days with the full writeup!



C-Low said...

I, too, believe he was trying to give Locke a "near-death" experience.

However, I believe Desmond running him over was important for Sideways Locke to walk again...

Here's 2 possibilities: (1) The catastrophic plane crash of the island allowed Locke to walk. Now his flashbacks and the catastrophic wreck allows Sideways Locke to walk, or (2) the ambulance takes him to the hospital and Sideways Jack performs surgery that enables Sideways Locke to walk once again.

Either way, the wreck would be the catalyst for Locke to walk.

As a side note, Hurley would make a good Nose in Grantham's D!

Chris said...

I think that from now on out Im just going to take the Jack approach. Just going with the flow and having faith in others to show me the way.

Otherwise Im pretty sure I would be right next to Libby in the asylum.

Owen said...

I check this site multiple times after every episode. Thanks for all the recaps!