Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About that Logan Gray post...

Never mind...MaconDawg of Dawg Sports says almost exactly what I was going to say today in this post.

Here are the only two other things I would add to that:

- The other aspect of this that has probably brought Logan Gray to this point is the fact that there is supposedly a "package" of plays that the offense has worked on that involves him playing quarterback...we all heard the coaching staff talk about it last year, and other players have mentioned it as well. From what I can tell, however, that package of plays was never utilized last season, even as Joe Cox was going through his well-documented struggles. Unless, of course, that package of plays consisted exclusively of him handing the ball off on a read-option play or showing off his admittedly impressive fair catching ability.

So, if I'm Logan Gray, I probably feel like I've been jerked around a little bit, if not downright lied to. Not saying that is what has happened, but I can certainly see why he would feel that way.

And, as an aside...I share his frustration regarding his lack of any meaningful playing time.

- It's also important to remember that Logan Gray did not grow up in Clarke County, dreaming of playing for the Red and Black...he's a LONG way away from home, and part of the reason he made that difficult decision to come here was that he thought it would further his career as a QB. If that is seemingly off the table, I can see why he would want to be closer to home, as well.

All of that being said...if Logan was my son, I would advise him to stay. You never know what kind of situation you are going to transfer into (just ask Mitch Mustain). By staying in Athens, you are still in a situation where you know the offense, you're familiar with the coaching staff (though I don't know that he sees that as a positive right now), and you are literally one snap away from being the starting QB for the University of Georgia. Plus....you get to live in ATHENS, dude! That has to count for something, right?

For that matter, he still has an opportunity to win the starting job by outplaying Aaron Murray in fall camp...unless he is convinced that it is already a done deal and he is not going to get an equal shot at the QB1 job. I'm sure that particular aspect was a major part of the conversation he had with the coaching staff yesterday, and from the way things were handled last season I can't say that I would fully blame him if he felt that way.

Now seems a good time to insert the usual disclaimer...I'm not a coach or teammate of Logan Gray. The only practice I have ever seen is what little video we all get to see on Hale's blog and G-Day. All I have to go by is that little I have seen and what I have heard from the coaches, players, and Logan himself. But, as I've said before...this is my blog, so you get to hear my opinion.

As a Dawg fan, I am hoping with everything I have that he stays...going into next season with nothing but freshmen on the QB depth chart is a terrifying prospect. But if he leaves, I can definitely understand his reasoning, I hope it works out for him, and I am grateful for the hard work and effort he has given to my Dawgs over the last three years.


BulldogBry said...

Exactly how I feel. He also probably saw how Joe Cox was treated after being so "loyal to the program" for four years.

UGA69Dawg said...

+1 BulldogBry. The fact that so many of our fans are not as loyal to the players as they expect the players to be to the fans is a big negative. The coaches get paid big bucks and are grown men, they can take the abuse but to run down a young man who maybe trying as hard as he can it awful. I have been guilty of it in the past but I'm not proud of it. We owe them at least what we expect them to owe us, loyalty to the Red and Black.