Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts - full recap to come later

WOW. That was exactly what I have been waiting for.

The Sideways storyline has finally been defined. Yes, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered (like what would happen to all of the people who died on the Island but have popped up in Sideways, if they somehow un-do Jughead), but at least we know what it is supposed to BE.

What did Widmore mean by Desmond having to make a sacrifice? Will he have to somehow give up his life with Penny? Stay on the Island? If Desmond dies, I'm gonna be pretty pissed...

Did you notice Penny's last name in the Sideways? Milton. Yep, Paradise Lost. Just Google it if you don't get the significance.

As usual, Eloise was creepy and awesome. I love how so much of her dialogue has multiple meanings: "It's about TIME". "What happens, happens".

Did Desmond seem a bit "empty" at the end? Sort of like Sayid has been? Or was he just content and trusting Sayid because he knew him? But it doesn't seem like Desmond to blindly go with someone who he just saw kill two people...hmm.

I can not WAIT to watch this one again.


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