Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Idol Thoughts - Top 9 (Act II) apologies, but I am a bit under the weather today, so this recap is going to be pretty abbreviated.

Rather than go through the performances in order, I'm just going to rank them 1-9 and give some very brief thoughts, and then I'm going to go back to sitting on the couch, blowing my nose, catching up on DVR recordings, and feeling sorry for myself. (Yeah, I'm one of THOSE sick people).

1) Lee Dewyze - "A Little Less Conversation": Great song choice, great arrangement, nice guitar work. This was fun, current, relevant...I would buy it. Pretty amazing how much I have changed my opinion of this guy, but you ain't seen nothing yet...wait until you get to number 3.

2) Crystal Bowersox - "Saved": Nothing else I can say about her. Another great song choice, nice arrangement, her voice sounds awesome, blah, blah, blah....she is a star already.

3) Tim Urban - "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You": It does not matter that this was a nice arrangement. It does not matter that the vocal was only pretty good. It does not matter that he totally dissed Adam's advice to go into the falsetto at the end. It doesn't matter because this was a GENIUS song choice, sung well enough.

I am a really stubborn guy, and usually once I make up my mind about somebody it's really hard to get past that, whether it's good or bad (for the opposite, see my continued support of Megan last season). But this is two weeks in a row I have put Tim in my top 3.

Maybe it's just the cold medicine.

4) Casey James - "Lawdy Miss Clawdy": As much as everybody gushed over last week, THIS is what I like from bar-singer songs. I had no problem with this whatsoever.

5) Michael Lynche - "In the Ghetto": I usually like him better when he sits down with the guitar, because it cuts down on all the over-the-top histrionics that I hate about him. And this was a great vocal....but I also felt that it was very manipulative. Since I promised to keep this brief, I'm gonna leave it at that, I guess.

6) Siobhan Magnus - "Suspicious Minds": WAY too old-fashioned. Not a good arrangement. This was like Tim Urban's performance viewed in a mirror...this was a bad song choice sung really well.

When did Siobhan get so BORING?? I never thought that was a problem she was going to have, but that's been the issue for several weeks now.

7) Katie Stevens - "Baby, What do You Want Me to Do?": Nice leather pants. Still equates the "neck-snap" with "emoting". There were some pitch problems, but the worst part was that it did not feel the least bit authentic to me....felt like play-acting.

8) Aaron Kelly - "Blue Suede Shoes": Speaking of non-authentic. This was absolute KARAOKE. Awkward. In no way believable.

By the don't think this is the right song for you? Then why are you singing it?

9) Andrew Garcia - "Hound Dog": TERRIBLE arrangement....NOT relevant, the exact OPPOSITE of current...just change for the sake of change. It's time for Andrew to go.

Two quick final thoughts:
- Ryan was really WEIRD tonight. And I'm not the only one who noticed.
- I thought Adam did a GREAT job as the mentor....say what you want about him, but he knows what it takes to make an impression on stage, and this stage in particular.

Who SHOULD go home: Aaron and Andrew.
Who WILL go home: Andrew and Siobhan.

I will be sad, for sure, if Siobhan goes home, but she has nobody to blame but herself if it happens.

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Rick said...

I know you like Siobhan, but what she did this week was in fact screaming and off key. Awful. And she said she is being compared to Adam? Give me a break. She is not on the same planet as Adam, but I doubt if anybody on this show ever will be. I put Siobhan and Big Mike in the same category. Nice enough vocals but extremely irritating onstage. I'm ready for both of them gone-lets get it down to my final 3-Crystal, Lee and Casey. Lee has tremendous upside and Casey is just a good rocker. Crystal obviously is the class of the show. All three can sell CD's and none of the others can.