Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts...recap to come later

As per usual with Ben episodes, this one...was....AWESOME.

Some quick, random thoughts:

- For a minute, when Alex told Ben that the principal was with the "nurse", I misinterpreted Ben's "thinking" face as his "jealous" face....and thought the nurse might be Juliet.

- As my friend Brent pointed out....if somebody is going to kill me anyway, I'm not going to spend 5 hours digging my grave with a big piece of bamboo. Just shoot me and dig the grave your own self.

- Now we know why Jack couldn't jump off the bridge, Michael couldn't shoot himself and survived his car crash into the dumpster, etc, etc....Jacob's touch means you can't kill yourself. But it apparently doesn't mean you can't die, or that you don't age, so there is still obviously something else going on with Richard.

- I know some people are hesitant to try and make LOST into a "Bible story", and I still don't think it is. But you can't have a much better picture of the Christian concept of "redemption" than we saw in Ben's scene with Ilana last night. More on that in the recap...

- Nice irony with Ben "gassing" his dad again...this time with oxygen.

- Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn should just have a cage match for the Emmy.

- LOST still can't create a decent CGI submarine. I don't get it.

- I would say Jack is officially a Man of Faith now.

- How awesome was it that Locke's encouragement is what pushed Ben to make his power play in the X timeline? "Maybe YOU should be the principal".

- I'm not convinced that Widmore is the one that Jacob said was "coming".
Sorry, meant to mention two other things:
- Ben's dad confirmed that they DID still go to the Island, and that the Dharma Initiative DID still exist.
- That scene with Jack, Alpert, and the dynamite was 12 levels of awesome.

OK, I think the rest will have to wait for the recap...

Speaking of which...I'm leaving to go out of town Thursday afternoon and will not be back until Sunday. So, the full recap won't go up until Sunday at the very earliest. Of course, as dense as this episode was it may not have gone up before that regardless.

Hopefully, I will be back later with the Idol recap from last night...I forgot my notes, so I will have to do it from memory, which means it will probably be rather abbreviated.


Toon Dawg said...

I was confused at first that Jacob's touch doesn't allow you to die because of the case of Ben murdering Locke. But I suppose you can't die by your own hand or accident?

Bernie said...

Thank you (and Brent) for commenting on the grave digging. At first I found that mildly amusing. Then it just struck me as a very odd thing for Ben to do without challenging the logic further.

I thought that the dynamite scene would be the episode's signature. But that closing scene in the principal's office was it for me. Great acting, expertly filmed and had a nice twist.

Looking forward to the recap.

BAYDAWG13 said...

The CGI thing goes right up there with the mostest rich show on TV (Idol) being run by the kids from "You Can't Do That On Television"

Have Fun in them thar hills and watch out for bears.


Hobnail_Boot said...

I'm starting to think that Ben has been working for Smokey all along, not Jacob.

What if he KNEW that Locke couldn't kill himself (touched by Jacob), so in order to help Smokey with his loophole, he killed Locke?

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice the crosses burning at the end of sundown?