Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts...recap to come later

Very action packed episode, as always seems to be the case with Sayid-centric ones.

- Poor Sayid...he's been saying since season 1 that he is "not that man anymore". And yet...he keeps getting called in every time somebody wants somebody tortured, murdered, or breakdanced to death.

- I still have the same issues with the X timeline as before, but maybe there is beginning to be a pattern...Kate is with Smocke (although very reluctantly), and in her X timeline she is still a fugitive, and in fact actually seems kind of worse off , especially if you can believe the Comic-Con video that implied that her plan to kill her evil stepfather failed and she killed an innocent plumber instead. Sayid is with Smocke, and in his X timeline he still doesn't have Nadia and he is still being forced to kill. Jin is also with Smocke (again, not necessarily by choice), and his X timeline doesn't seem to be working out for him. Not sure about Claire, other than that the potential adoptive parents for her bay-bee stood her up at the airport and now she is being treated by the creepiest OB/GYN in recorded history.

Jack, Hurley, and Locke, on the other hand, appear to be finding closure and happiness in their X timeline.

So, depends on whose side of the war they fought on?

- I found it interesting that Ilana immediately started asking for "Shepherd and Reyes" when she got to the Temple...I'm thinking these two are the mostest specialest of these special folks. We always kind of knew that would be the case with Jack, but it will really make me happy if Hugo ends up being one of the "heroes".

- Creepy Sayid is OK...but Creepy Claire rulz all the creepyz. And Kate is going to find that out pretty soon, I'll bet.

- And I don't care WHICH timeline it happens's always fun to watch Keamy take a bullet.

OK...hopefully this week will go more smoothly than last week, and the recap will go up by Saturday.

Be back later with my thoughts on a MUCH improved Idol Top 10!

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