Thursday, March 12, 2009

Super-quick Idol thoughts

First of all, one of the forum posters on Television Without Pity had a great idea for the Ford commercial that certainly would have been better than that boring edition they did last night. The concept is simple: Scott MacIntyre at the wheel of a Ford Fusion, driving along singing whatever, while we see all of the other contestants bouncing off the bumper and hood.


Moving on.

My predictions were fairly accurate, other than Jorge replacing Kris in the bottom. I am certainly glad to be wrong about my Megan prediction, and last night she showed a lot of her character. As soon as it was announced that she was staying and Jasmine was going home, she immediately turned her attention to Jasmine, hugging her and saying, "Girl, the judges LOVE you. You still have a chance!" without taking more than a second to be excited for herself. See, now that's class.

Poor Jorge got to live in the mansion for like three days, now it's back to Puerto Rico and sharing a house with 30 of his relatives (hey, don't get mad at ME...he's the one who said it).

As for the new "Judges Save" rule...meh. Whatever. I don't like the judges having ANY control over who goes home and who stays at this point, but I guess it could have been worse.

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