Friday, March 13, 2009

And for my 200th post...

This is my 200th post on this blog...thank you to all 2-3 loyal readers who have stuck with me from the beginning. I will now do my best to drive about half of you away by making my 200th post a Battlestar Galactica post:

Very cool photo essay on today that details the story of how BSG came to fruition. Truly one of the greatest TV shows ever created, a work of true art. Two part series finale begins tonight, and ends with the 2-hour conclusion next week. I am truly and completely bummed out about it.

I know there are many who never gave the show a shot simply because the title scared them away...I would encourage you to check it out on DVD, as it is one of the most intelligent, thought provoking, beautifully scripted, and masterfully acted shows of all time.

So say we all.


Shan said...

Congrats on your milestone.

yeah, I read that EW piece this morning, and it was fascinating. I knew most of it, except for this tidbit: "Ducky" was almost Gaius Baltar? And James Callis was the "funny one?"

T-Minus 12 hours now.

Josh G said...


Darren said...

What is this 'Battlestar Gallactica' you speak of???

You should do more 'Hee Haw' reviews. I hear the old 'uns are in re-run mode.

Us Alabama folks like *good* entertainment.

Scott said...

Stay tuned, Darren...I promise I'm going to have something up previewing spring practice over the weekend!