Thursday, March 19, 2009

Super-quick Idol and LOST thoughts

Well, DialIdol got it right again...I have to say I'm extremely surprised and disappointed. Alexis has definitely been one of my favorites all along, and I certainly think there are several far less-deserving contestants still hanging around.

And two things kept the judges from saving her last night: First, that performance she gave after she found out she was on the chopping block was bordering on manic. That is a really tough place to be in as a feel like you have to lay EVERYTHING you have out there, but you have to maintain some level of control or your performance ends Alexis ended up last night. Screechy, off-pitch, no breath control, and DESPERATE.

Second, it is just too early in the season. If the judges can only use it once, they're not going to blow it in the second week of the finals. I have a feeling that even if she had pulled off the performance of a lifetime last night, the timing of the situation would have been too much to overcome.

And she doesn't even get to go on the tour. Dang.

On a much happier note, Carrie Underwood was BACK, continuing to make my heart go pitter-patter. Looking GORGEOUS, with that perfect voice. She is my ORIGINAL American Idol girlfriend, and you know how it is...your first love always has a special place in your heart. Sorry, Megan.

As for LOST...I enjoyed it. It certainly wasn't a "blow you away" type episode like some of the ones early in this season. I feel like these last two episodes have sort of been like taking a deep breath before they start hitting us with the big guns again.

Don't get me wrong...there were some nice moments. Sawyer's verbal smackdown of Jack, for instance, had me whooping and clapping from my seat, and of course it was good to see that Sawyer is a big UGA fan. If this was 1977, then I guess he was still basking in the glory of the 1976 SEC champs, led by SEC MVP Ray Goff, since the 1977 team sort of fell off the map.

Oh...and I believe that sweatshirt would have been more than "baggy" on Sawyer. It was "baggy" on HURLEY.

Be back in a day or so with the full LOST to watch the NCAA tourney!

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