Thursday, March 5, 2009

Idol thoughts - wild card edition

Sorry, I don't have it in me to do 2 full Idol posts plus a LOST post in one week, so quick thoughts on the Wild Card round...

Very glad Matt got to come back and show what he can REALLY do...that was about 2 trillion times better than he did last week, and I can't wait for him to get behind the piano. Sorry, but I think he's going to blow Scott MacIntyre out of the water.

Really great song choices all around tonight, with the exception of Von and Jasmine. I think Simon scared the Von out of Von during Hollywood week and he went too far in the other direction.

As for Jasmine, I did NOT see what the judges saw tonight. I thought the song was too big for her voice, and I honestly think they put her through to satisfy a certain...demographic.

Overall, I'm VERY pleased with the ones they picked, since I understand what they are doing with Jasmine. Of course I'm happy that Megan is in, ECSTATIC and pleasantly surprised that Tatiana is out of my life forever, and really glad they put both Anoop and Matt in.

A very solid top 12...looking forward to next week!

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Segraves said...

Overall a pretty good top 12.

I definitely think you're right about Jasmine. She could have gone up there and messed up the words to the alphabet song and they would have put her through. She did not do a good time for at least the 2nd straight time, but the judges had prejudged that she would go through. I think it's a combination of the demographic and the fact that she has a pop look. She would be extremely marketable if she could just step her voice up a few notches. I was so mad when I thought she was going to cost either Matt or Anoop a slot. Since they both got through, I can deal with Jasmine being there. (Although I personally would have rather seen Jessie Langseth in there.)

I'm glad to see Megan. I've said before that I'm not as in love w/her as you, but I do look forward to her performances. She's a lot of fun to watch, especially with her quirky little "dance". (Quirky Corkrey) And she can sing. Always a plus.

I've liked Matt since I heard him sing "Georgia on my Mind". I agree 100% that he is better than Scott and will hopefully expose Scott as 90% background story and 10% talent when they get to use the keyboard. Scott's a nice guy, but is not as talented as the judges like to pretend (see David Archuletta and Reuben Studdard IMO). Matt just needs to pick great songs--he has the voice.

Anoop Dawg (sounds much better than Anoop Tarheel, doesn't it)--I'm so glad he got through as well-they really had me sweating it. Although I don't think he can win it, he's another one that I look forward to hearing sing. Again, song selection (songs that fit his voice) will determine how far he goes.