Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm tired of writing posts I don't like

I really don't want to be a Richt-basher. I want very much for him to turn the program around and get it headed back in the direction we were going at the end of 2007.

But two quotes from his press conference today moved me to respond, and considering the sporadic nature of my posting here you know that takes some doing.

(All quotes courtesy of Seth at Bulldogs Blog)

Quote #1: "Mike Bobo’s the coordinator, Mike Bobo’s the quarterbacks coach. Stacey Searels is the running game coordinator. And they’ve done a great job.” (emphasis added)

No, Coach...they have not. I'm not nearly as upset with Bobo as a lot of folks are (though I am more disappointed in Coach Searels's O-line than I am with any other unit on the team), but you went 6-7. SIX and SEVEN. That means NOBODY is doing a "great job". The quote SHOULD have read something along the lines of "We are all on notice, myself included. Our entire staff is aware that we failed at our jobs this year, and we will fix it no matter what it takes."

Quote #2: “All I know is that whoever comes back is going to be 100% motivated to help us get back on top of the Eastern Division.”

Our goal should be the National Championship. Period. It's not that I don't understand the logic (win the East, play for the SEC Championship, which probably means you are playing for the MNC), but this goes back to a problem that I have had for a while now. Namely, our goals are too low, and I think it permeates the entire program. Being on top of the Eastern Division? That's our goal? Who are we, Kentucky? (Don't answer that)

Finish the Drill. Remember that? It seems like a long time ago.

I love Coach Richt. I think he's a great man.

I also love the Georgia Bulldogs.

I wish those two loves weren't at such odds with each other, but that's the way it feels right now.

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