Saturday, January 29, 2011

My favorite things I watched this week

- Ray Drew. Of all the things I watched this week, I don't think I enjoyed any of them more than I enjoyed this....

(courtesy of UGASports)

I think we have a great one, folks...not only his play on the field, but he seems to be a guy who is going to be a real leader both in the locker room and in the field. He has already been identified as a guy who the rest of the Dream Team looks to as "the guy". Can't wait to see him on the field!

- Southland. I meant to say something about this show last week, but I works out, though, because this week's episode was much stronger, and was truly one of the best things I watched this week. The ending, especially, was extremely effective.

I am not usually a big fan of "procedural" type shows, and though this isn't exactly that, there are very few if any serialized components to the show. But every week, I feel like the show tells compelling stories, it has a tremendous cast, and also has a great cinematic look and feel to it. This was one of those shows that struggled to find an audience on the network side for some reason, and I for one am thankful that it was saved by TNT. Not to mention some of the coolest opening credits on television:

- Parks and Recreation. This will likely be on this list for as long as it is on the air. Another fantastic episode from the best comedy on television, highlighted by Rob Lowe as health freak Chris dealing with some of the worst, um, byproducts of the Pawnee Flu:

- The return of Archer. In all of its politically incorrect, raunchy glory. What is Germany, the Alabama of Europe?

- Casey and Morgan sing Happy Birthday on Chuck. In an episode made most notable by a new look on Sarah (short verdict: not a big fan of the hair, HUGE fan of the outfit), there wasn't much that made me happier this week than Casey and Morgan singing Happy Birthday to the unsuspecting security guard.

- John Noble and Joshua Jackson on Fringe. Again, not one of my favorite Fringe episodes...I thought some of the writing was downright painful, although I did like where the show took Peter in his quest to find out what is going on with him and the Doomsday Device. But both of the Bishop boys brought their A game, including some of Joshua Jackson's best work so far in my opinion.

And good news again on the ratings front, as the show was solid enough again to boost Fox to a win in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

- 30 Rock. I don't always love this show, but when they are on their game there are few funnier. This was a particularly strong week.

What about you? What were your favorite things you watched this week?


Bernie said...

You can copy and paste what I said last week about FNL. Probably for the next three weeks for that matter.

Totally agree on Ray Drew. So glad he will wear the G.

And this may count towards this current week, but last night I watched Discovery's "How Beer Saved the World". For beer drinkers it's a must see look at how beer has impacted history since the beginning of mankind. Pretty cool. I'm sure it will air again numerous times.

amanda young said...

I just saw shawn hatosy on attack of the show and they also showed a lil glimpse of southland and it looked really interesting, i might get into it. Def gonna watch it tonight on TNT. Anyone have any reviews on the show/ what it's about??Checkout Amanda