Friday, December 31, 2010

This is (probably) my only post about the Liberty Bowl fiasco

I have always been a huge Coach Richt apologist...I love the man. But I no longer have any argument against those calling for a coaching change other than "He's a really good Christian man".

6-7 record with this collection of talent, and a putrid performance in the bowl against a team that we out-talent at virtually every position? Absolutely indefensible. I'm not saying I WANT him fired...I'm just saying I have run out of arguments to the contrary that have anything to do with on-field performance.


And, as always...



E Thomas said...

Scott, excellent post. I'm a Richt fan but tonight has shaken my faith in the leadership of the program.

papadawg said...

Happy New Year

I agree.

I can't defend him any longer.

Anonymous said...

Well a lot of us fans have been saying this since the Sugar Bowl game against WVU. Its gonna get worse next year... mark it down

Brandon said...

this is my concern, how can it not get worse? What high school recruit watches that game and thinks, "Those are the guys I want to lead me over the next 4 years"?

It would be a miracle to get guys like Crowell, Drew and Rome.