Friday, July 30, 2010

Who's next?

Today marks 36 days until, here's some footage of my favorite #36, Brannan Southerland, doing what he did best: obliterating would-be tacklers and leading the way to an easy touchdown for Thomas Brown.

video courtesy of Groo

This got me thinking (a dangerous habit, I know) of the key components of our offense for the last several years (especially since Bobo took over as OC) has been a big, bruising, athletic fullback versatile enough to blow open holes for our running backs, get the ball in short yardage situations, and catch passes out of the backfield. This Richt era tradition started with Verron Haynes and continues today with the two-headed Chapas-Munzenmaier monster.

Now the scary part...those guys are both seniors. Their backups right now are walk-on Kevin Lanier and converted linebacker Charles White. Rumor has it that fullback is where Xander Ogletree ends up. Are one of those guys going to be able to take up this mantle?

Sure hope so...if not, how much does our offensive game plan change? Bobo's offense has been successful (yes, it has...despite the wailing of some) in large part because we are one of the few teams left who run a true old school pro-style package...will that change if we no longer have a Brannan Southerland type monster at fullback?

See, this is what happens when we get this far into the offseason...I start stressing about NEXT YEAR'S FULLBACK POSITION.

Kickoff needs to get here soon.


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amanda young said...

Nice post Groo. Southerland and T Brown running over the Wreck once again as the Dawgs make it 7 in a row over the maggots.
GATA! Amanda Vanderpool