Friday, July 16, 2010

FIFTY DAYS TO KICKOFF!!! weeks from tomorrow. So close now we can smell it.

To celebrate, here are a couple of really cool videos somebody put up a couple of years's hoping we see some moments this season that will be worthy of Part III!



JoshG said...

Hopefully, an SEC championship caliber season from the Dawgs and a Braves World Series will keep you far, far away from soccer, the sport of the Third World and Eurotrash thugs.

Scott said...

Dude...Manchester City plays Tottenham at 7:45 AM on Aug 14 in the EPL opener. I expect to see you at my house ready for pregame at 6:30.

amanda young said...

Great video, best I have seen about UGA. And to the gator fans RUN LINZZY RUN!!!Amanda Vanderpool CEO