Thursday, June 10, 2010

86 days to kickoff!!

With all apologies to Derek Rich, our current #86, I couldn't really find any cool videos related specifically to this could I interest you in the highlights of some of our 2010 defensive signees, starting with the guy I am probably MOST excited about?

These are the four guys who I feel have the best shot at seeing early playing time, based mainly on the need at their positions.

By the way...I would watch these with the sound down. Why do people insist on setting these highlights to awful so-called music? Unfortunately, YouTube is about the only place you can get videos that you can embed, so you take what you can get. back tomorrow with some offensive highlights!

Don't know why they called him Allan Stripling, rather than T.J. Anybody know if that is his real name?

Alec Ogletree:

Garrison Smith:

Mike Thornton:

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amanda young said...

Go Dawgs!!! pretty good except for the god awful music!Amanda Vanderpool