Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring game Saturday

OK, Ally went and called me out for being a "Dawg Blog" on Twitter today, so I guess that means it's time for my token football post.

Spring game is Saturday at 1:00, televised by the WWL. Should be a fun event, and tickets are free this year, so hopefully the crowd will be a little larger than in years past. I can't berate you to go, since family committments will keep me from attending, but if you get a chance it's always better to be at Sanford than anywhere else, right?

Here are some things I look forward to seeing on Saturday:

- Glorious High Definition. Sorry, Matt and Buck, but I will definitely be watching the ESPN telecast rather than the JP-level broadcast on CSS.

- All four quarterbacks. Joe C is the obvious starter for '09, but it will be fun to see our first real look at the future with Murray and Mett, as well as seeing how we may use Logan Gray. Should be good weather for once, as well, so maybe we'll throw the ball around a little.

- Caleb King. TONS of pressure on this kid. Nobody expects Joe C to be Matt Stafford, but there are certain expectations of Caleb to at least mostly fill in Knowshon's substantial shoes. He's been less than impressive in limited time so far...let's see what he does as the de facto #1.

- Carlton Thomas. Almost every day, there is another article written about how impressive this little waterbug has been this spring...can't wait to see him in live action.

- The secondary. Defensive end may concern me the most on defense, but the secondary isn't far behind. Since you can't hit the QB's in the spring, we probably won't get a great look at how well the DE's are progressing, but we should be able to get a good idea of how the secondary is coming together. Starters in the secondary are Evans (FS), Jones (SS), Miller (CB), and....Boykin (CB)? I guess? All have been getting good reports this spring, but all four of them are still unproven at best.

- Defense as a whole. See, here is where the dichotomy of the spring game comes into play. I want to see both the offense and the defense do well, but that is, of course, an impossibility. I will settle for the defense swarming to the ball, not missing tackles or assignments, and in general looking like they A) want to be there; and B) know what the heck they are doing.

This will be the last morsel of football until fall practice cranks up in August...I plan on recording it and then watching it whenever I get the football DT's over the next several months.

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