Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick thoughts on Lost and Idol

First off, the LOST recap will be a little different this week...stay tuned.

I liked the episode, didn't love it...felt very much like filler to me, and Darlton basically said as much on the podcast this week. They said they were proud of the episode, but that basically it was there to add a little levity between the heaviness of last week and the ridiculously intense build up to the finale. I guess it did that, though I actually thought Miles and Hurley were funnier when they were discussing time travel. I did like the fact that Hurley was re-writing Empire, with the sole purpose of avoiding the Ewoks.

As for Idol...I was (obviously) not surprised that Matt was at the bottom, but I was very surprised and disappointed that they used the save on him. They still had one more week to use it, and I think there were others, specifically Kris and Allison, who are more deserving. If one of them goes home next week, I'm going to be pretty ticked off.

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