Thursday, March 17, 2011

VERY quick thoughts on Idol Top 12

Well, the hits just keep on coming, quite literally in this case...totaled my truck last night by creaming a deer.

So, this is going to be really short...

The REALLY Good: Stefano, Pia, James, Casey

The Good: Jacob, Lauren, Scotty, Haley

The Bad/Boring: Naima, Intermission, Thia, Paul (cold or not, that was awful)

Who SHOULD go home: Probably Paul...that was two pretty rough performances in a row.
Who WILL go home: Naima


Dr. Merkwurdigliebe said...

Sorry, I have to disagree with you and the Idol judges on Casey's performance. The whole "angry man" act is getting a little tired. I thought his performance dripping with Velveeta. Simon Cowell would have torn him a new one.

FWIW - Steven Tyler needs to provide more detailed criticisms... he friggin likes everything. Randy is keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

@Dr. M, I agree with your take on Casey. I thought his performance was very weak last night.
Simon is missed but I think I like the new crew better. I also think that Randy and Company have done a better job of amassing talent this year than in previous years. I think this is because Simon was looking for a certain type while this season's cast is very diverse.

Scott said...

I still like Casey...though I do think he has some very Taylor Hicksian tendencies that may get on my nerves the farther we go. But I like to see them do different things, and that was definitely different from most of what we see on this show.

For what it's worth, he was probably my least favorite of that top group.