Sunday, November 29, 2009

Speaking of rivalries...

I will, of course, be back soon with the recap of yesterday's immensely satisfying win over the gnats...but in the meantime, I found THIS to be absolutely hilarious:

The comments on Dr. Saturday's blog are pretty funny, too...basically a bunch of UCLA fans and other pansies calling Pete Carroll "classless" and other not-so-nice words.


First of all, it's up to you to stop the other team from scoring, PERIOD. But if you want the game to be over, then don't call timeout with less than a minute to go when the other team is trying to run the clock out. By calling timeout, you're basically saying you're not ready for the game to be over. And Pete Carroll said, "Fine...if you want to keep playing, then let's keep playing."

I love college football.


JoshG. said...

I guessing Georgia will NOT be commissioning commemorative rings in honor of the win over Tech last night.

amanda young said...

The game isn't over until there are zero's on the clock. I see no problems w/ going for a Touchdown there. Its up to UCLA to stop USC. Checkout Amanda