Monday, November 9, 2009

Recap - Tennessee Tech

This should be short and sweet…I was actually at the game on Saturday, and I haven’t watched the CSS replay yet, so these are just some random thoughts from the game. Obviously, it’s hard to tell much about the team when the opposition is so blatantly overmatched, but it was still good to see the Dawgs come out and take care of business rather than let a lesser team hang around, as we have been known to do in the past.

- What a great day for football…you could not ask for better weather, the leaves are turning, cool crisp air. Felt great to be at Sanford again.

- The Battle Hymn still makes me tear up. Every. Single. Time. 8-0, 4-4, whatever…I’d still rather be a Dawg than anything else.

- I was pretty impressed with the crowd, actually. Decent turnout for the Dawg walk, and the stands filled in pretty impressively even before kickoff. It was obviously a MUCH quieter crowd than normal, but I didn’t expect anything different due to A) the disappointment of the last few weeks; and B) the opponent. But I was proud of the Dawg Nation for at least coming out and showing support.

- Although the fly-over was late, it was still doggone impressive.

- That was as dominant a first half as I can ever remember the Dawgs having, no matter the opponent. Up 28-0 before TTU even had a first down. Good to see the defense get after it…Montez Robinson and my man Cornelius Washington both had big games. Those guys are going to be the ones we are relying on next year to terrorize quarterbacks.

- The running game has actually looked much better the past few weeks, beginning with the Vandy game. Washaun and Caleb are a very nice 1-2 punch, and the revamped offensive line FINALLY seems to be jelling. (gelling? That always confuses me).

- Branden Smith is VERY fast. I know you knew that already, but…wow. From my seat in in 124, I knew as soon as he took the handoff on the end-around that he was gone…there was nobody on the corner, and I knew as soon as he got the corner there was not a Golden Eagle that was going to catch him.

- Very few times can I watch any college football player and say, “I could do that.” In the case of the Golden Eagles punter…I could do that. That was the worst punter I have ever seen. He had a SIX yard punt that actually went OVER the hedges to the right. Seriously…I could do that.

- First extended play for Logan Gray so far this season. I’m not going to blast the guy, but…I really hope Aaron Murray is as good as advertised.

- I’m not too concerned about the penalties. Most of them came after the game was well in hand (which was by the middle of the second quarter), and I imagine there was some breakdown in focus. I can’t blame them too much, considering the environment and the opposition. It was good to see the coaches holding people accountable, though.

This week will be the true test of our character. Can we come out and play Bulldawg football against a quality opponent when nothing is on the line except pride?

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