Thursday, June 4, 2009

See, I'm TRYING to be a football blog again...

Don't know if you've noticed or not, but I have at least been TRYING to get back to my Bulldawg blogging roots and post at least one Dawg item a day as we count down to kickoff.

On the days when there is no real Dawg "news," I may just post stuff like THIS, if only to brighten your day a little:

I had forgotten how big a game Michael Johnson actually had that night...13 catches, 140+ yds, and one of the biggest plays in UGA history. Not a bad night.

Funny story...a friend of mine at church had won free SEC Championship tickets at work, and he promised me that if the Dawgs made it to the game he would take me. As you probably remember, the Dawgs had already lost to the Gayturds, so a loss in this game meant we would almost definitely be out of the SEC Championship picture. The Sunday before this game, he actually brought the tickets to church with him. He showed them to me, and right as I took them from him, I remember thinking, "Scott, what are you DOING?!?! Holding SECCG tickets in your hand before our spot is secured? Are you TRYING to jinx us?" I immediately handed the tickets back, but I had a bad feeling.

Fast forward to 3rd quarter of this game...Dawgs are down 21-10. I was CONVINCED that it was my fault. I wasn't even surprised that we were losing...I had HELD UNEARNED SEC CHAMPIONSHIP TICKETS IN MY HANDS. Serves me right.

After we went down 21-10, we faced 2nd-19 from our own 2 yard line with only about 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Musa Smith (MUUUUUUUSSSSS) then busted out a 32-yard run, and we drove down the field. On 2nd and Goal from the one-yard line, David Greene tried to sneak it over and fumbled. You know those moments when everything seems to slow down and your brain has about 600 thoughts at once? As that ball was bouncing around in the end zone, I was having one of those moments. I kept flashing back to Sunday, holding those freaking tickets in my hand. Dreading having to call Brent, Josh, and everybody else and apologize for costing the Dawgs a shot at the SEC title.

Then, who comes out of the pile, waving the ball over his head? Jon Stinchcomb. STINCH!!!!

We all remember the Greene-Johnson play, and for good reason...but those two plays by Musa and Stinchcomb were every bit as big, if not bigger.



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BAYDAWG13 said...

If we had lost that game it wouldn't have been your fault. It would have been mine. In a fit of uncontrolled UGA fan frenziness I had OVERPAID for a pair of SECCG tix on ebay before this game. (after seeing tix everywhere for face and below at the fanfest and then people giving them away at the SugarBowl that year I swore to never again prepurchase tix for a "big" game again). Anyway, back to Auburn, we tailgated with my friend Bill who at the time worked with Brandon Coutu's older brother. Brandon was attending the game as a guest of Auburn that day. Our seats were a row below the moon. It was spitting a cold drizzle all day. That catch by MJ quickly changed the experience from one of the most frustrating/disappointing games that I've ever seen in person to one of the best. FOURTH AND FIFTEEN BABY!!!