Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How can you not love this guy?

h/t to David Hale (and my brother for pointing me to it), here is yet another great article about Joe Cox.

Georgia's Cox hopes patience will pay off

No matter what this guy does this year on the field, he is always going to be one of my favorite Dawgs. He bleeds red and black as much, if not more, than any of our in-state guys, he takes losing personally (as his 31-0 career record in high school indicates). He's a true leader both on and off the field, a guy who works hard, studies hard (both in the film room and the class room - he's on track to graduate in December with a psych degree, which will serve him well as a coach). I have always loved watching his reactions on the sidelines when the Dawgs make a big play...a lot of guys who are forced to watch from the sidelines often look like they aren't even interested in what is going on in the game. Not Joe. NOBODY was more fired up by big plays than he was, even (and especially) when Stafford - the guy who was relegating him to mop up duty - was involved.

The more I read from him, the more excited I get about watching him get the chance to prove himself on the field. I don't expect a D.J. Shockley-type performance out of him, but let's be many of us expected a Shockley-type performance out of D.J. himself before the 2005 season? Last time we had seen Shock on the field, David Greene was being forced to bail him out, broken thumb and all, after a miserable performance against the gnats in the 2004 regular season finale.

Cox doesn't have Shockley's physical skills, but he does have his heart and leadership, and, perhaps most importantly, he doesn't have D.J.'s offensive line. And he DOES have A.J. Green.



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