Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random thoughts - Idol, the future of television, and more

- Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

Some thoughts on the finale:

  • Beyonce is AMAZING. And J-Lo could not have been happy to have to go on after her.

  • Casey Abrams and James Durbin are legitimately funny.

  • Jack Black? Seriously? And...those girls didn't have fat bottoms.

  • Haley can have a nice career in the Adele/Amy Winehouse/Duffy genre. She just needs to get there fast while people are still buying it.

  • I miss Pia.

  • Speaking of which, Pia doesn't get a solo song, or even a duet, but we get a song from the Spiderman musical? And nobody was even INJURED during it? BOOOOOOOOO.

  • Carrie Underwood. Good grief. I'm glad I don't live anywhere near her...that girl is a restraining order just waiting to happen.

  • I am willing to bet that Scotty McReery's high school choral department doesn't have as hard a time getting guys to join as most high schools.

  • I gave myself a 45 minute fast forward buffer, thinking that would be plenty. It wasn't. Not even close.

  • Congrats to Scotty...he is now going to sell a whole lot of records, and I will never have to pay attention to him again.

    • - If you are an HBO subscriber and are NOT taking advantage of HBO Go, do yourself a favor and go to RIGHT NOW. You have access to the ENTIRE library of HBO shows, at no extra charge. You don't even need an iPhone...I have been watching season one of Sopranos and season 3 of Deadwood on my PC. For free, except for the $10 a month for HBO that I would already be paying.

      It's just another step towards the future of television. Pretty soon, it will ALL be web-based. After my post the other day, I was thinking about the logistics, and it may actually be easier than I could just pay your cable company just like you do now, since most of the cable companies are also internet providers, go to or whatever, and then pick your channel (web page) and go watch what you want to. The only other thing to figure out is advertising, but Hulu has a pretty good model for that right now, I think. Just imbed the ads in the video, and even better (from the advertiser's perspective), don't allow fast forwarding during the ads.

      - Cougar Town may be too late now, since the season ended last night, but you should really be following @TheLarmy on Twitter. I'm not sure if it's actually Busy Phillips updating it or not, but it is Laurie in character, and it is consistently hilarious.

      - Last week's Parks and Rec season finale ended one of the most perfect sitcom seasons of all time.

      - Speaking of perfect seasons...I just started watching Survivor two seasons ago. Has any player ever dominated the way that Boston Rob did this season? It was like he was using Jedi mind tricks or something.

      - Guess what today is? 100 DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yep...the countdown starts in earnest now.

      GO DAWGS!!


      Missy Waldroup said...

      Agree! I miss Pia with a personal song picker. You did not even mention that Lauren full on frontal kissed him on the mouth! And his comment 'we've been together all the way and we're staying together!'. They're mackin.

      Scott said...

      MISSY PAYTON! Hope you are doing well...we need to talk sometime!

      Anyway...yeah, they probably are. Don't know how long that will last, though...sort of reminds me of those high school summer camp/spring break romances.