Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Game of Thrones goodness

Loved, absolutely loved this post from Tower of the Hand. The little nugget in the story about what is going on with the dog who plays the direwolf Lady in the series was particularly heartwarming, considering her story in the show (which I will not be spoiling ahead of time).

And every time I see pictures like this one of the young actors playing some of the key roles, I get even more excited about the show. They really do seem absolutely perfectly cast, and they seem to have a great chemistry with each other already.

That's Sophie Turner (Sansa), Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran), and Maisie Williams (Arya), by the way....along with Zunni (Lady).

Winter is Coming...only 67 more days!


Tracy Atkinson said...

Great to see another Dawg who loves the Thrones. Just finished my first re-read of the first four and I can't wait for the series.

Scott said...

Tracy - I am also finishing up a re-read...just finished Storm of Swords (probably my favorite book of all time), and starting on AFFC.

Hope you stick around for when the series starts...I used to do weekly LOST recaps, and the plan right now is to do the same thing for A Game of Thrones. I would love for fans of the book to add to the conversation!

Tracy Atkinson said...

I'll be around. I couldn't say which of the first 3 would be my favorite, but I liked them better than Crows. Crows read more like a companion piece to me. Which characters do you like the best? In the beginning, I loved the Starks, but grew to like Tyrion, Jamie and Davos. I want Jon and Samwell to succeed. Not sure how to feel about Stannis, Sandor and Daenerys. Hate Gregor, Tywin and Cersei.

Scott said...

I am a huge Daenaerys fan, and I am excited to see that the series appears to be featuring her as a star.

I am a huge fan of Tyrion, of course, but I am also have become very interested in both Jaime and The Hound (and I still think Sandor is around somewhere).

I like Sam, but his POV chapters tend to bore me...same thing with Brienne.