Monday, August 16, 2010

19 days to kickoff...Happy Hines Ward Day!

Been suffering a little blogger's block lately, but there's no way I'm letting today pass without acknowledging my very favorite Dawg of all time.

One of the greatest pure football players I have ever seen....Hines Ward.

Hines is heavily involved in this one, one of my favorite Dawg memories and Munson calls: "Our HEART that was TORN OUT and BLEEDING...we picked it up and WE STUCK IT BACK INSIDE!!!"

And a couple from his career as a Steeler:

Herschel is the greatest college football player ever...but my FAVORITE Dawg ever is Hines Ward, without question.



Randy Powers said...

I remember when I designated Hines a RETROBEAST, you were happy to see it. Good job catching him on the countdown.

Anonymous said...

"nothing has ROCKED like this place!"

"What if the clock's been wrong all this time!?"

Classic Munson!!!


Scott said...

Brent - that's my other favorite Munson line from that game: "What if the clock's been wrong all this time?"